For 15 years, DJ Emily Jones has created unique, stylish atmospheres that blend modern sounds with influences from cinematic mid-century Europe and 1960s Brazil. In 2011 Emily relocated from Milan, Italy to Canada. She is a resident DJ at Social Restaurant and Lounge in Ottawa, and is also available for public and private events.

Born in Canada, Emily is the daughter of European immigrants and youngest of 3 girls. She was raised in a family where music and reading were encouraged, and team sports and television were discouraged, and as a result became fascinated with music at an early age. Her father, a noted meteor physicist and multi-instrumentalist, especially inspired Emily, and passed on his tremendous passion for music to her.

As a teenager, in part motivated by her mother's love of classical music, she studied voice (Royal Conservatory lessons) with a trained opera singer, and was also a choir member, but paused in her vocal training at age 17, due to the demands of her studies, and soon began to re-direct her energy towards seriously collecting music, as she completed her computer science degree at university.

Emily Jones represents a refreshing escape from the modern electronic dance music landscape. Instead her sets are full of music with real instruments, bright songs, and swinging rhythms, that make your toes tap. Recognized for groovy, upbeat music matched with a glowing smile, Emily whisks you off (in style) to a sunny coastal town you've never heard of, where it's always summer, drinks have little paper umbrellas and you're never the only one dancing.

Her recipes for refined atmosphere are culled from the global jazz movement at large - from classics, to fresh interpretations of jazz standards, splashed with many forms of Latin music, funk, jazzy hip-hop, organic house, and funky breakbeat, along with music from lesser-known modern jazz / bossa pioneers. From contemporary Finland, Germany, and Japan to the latest British and Italian jazz aimed squarely at the dance floor, Emily Jones has come forth to play records that few have heard and most fall instantly in love with. In 2004, Emily started playing out at bars and clubs, and for the next 4 years Emily held multiple weekly/monthly DJ residencies in the Ottawa, Canada region.

In 2007 Emily began playing abroad, and was invited to play venues throughout Europe, in Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and the UK. From March 2008 to June 2011, Emily transferred to Milan, Italy. During this time, her first 7" single, produced by Gerardo Frisina, and featuring Emily's vocals, was released (2009, Schema Records), and she continued to play DJ sets across Italy and Europe. She was also a resident DJ at the renowned five-star Hotel Principe di Savoia, until leaving Milan in June 2011.

Emily then returned to Ottawa, Canada, where she completed her MBA (International Development Management). She is a resident DJ at Social Restaurant and Lounge in Ottawa and teaches part-time at the Algonquin College School of Business. In 2018 Emily co-founded Connected Canadians and outside of music, much of her time is devoted to spearheading the growth of her Non-Governmental Organization.

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At SOCIAL, Ottawa, Canada, photo by L. Sortome

At SOCIAL, Ottawa, Canada, photo by L. Sortome